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How to Build an Outbound Prospecting Assembly Line

A few years ago, I joined SmartRecruiters as their head of Operations and Sales Development.

Should RevOps or Management Police Sales?

A debate has existed in the sales community for years. Whose job is it to police the sales team — sales management or RevOps (Revenue

Why Operations is Broken Everywhere and What to do About It

This blog post was originally published on SalesHacker .

How to Distribute Sales Pipeline

This is a question we receive often: "How should we distribute sales pipeline in a way that is fair to Account Executives?"

How to Incentivize and Motivate Sales Reps

One of the questions we're often asked is, "what are some best practices for motivating my sales reps?" One of my favorite articles

OBMetrix Partnering With Outreach.io in the Galaxy Marketplace

Today, Iceberg RevOps is excited to announce a new partnership with Outreach.io. Our account-based prospecting data app, OBMetrix , is

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